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Social.Digital.Me. is a team of technology solution developers who collaborate with changemakers, pushing boundaries and narrowing the gap between who can and can't rewrite the rules.

We leverage the integration of our partners' social, personal, logical and technological footprints to innovate and develop creative solutions to progress their missions in a changing landscape.

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We customize today's emerging technology solutions and put the power in our clients' hands. With our help, leaders build and support ethically sustainable ecosystems that encourage progress on every scale.

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We integrate agile methodologies for our partners' brands while using data to keep them educated on ways to expand their impact.

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Milo L. - Photographer
Milo L.

I was running my business part-time out of my Instagram messages. They helped me make the transition to an independent business, and I’ve been able to spend more time with new clients.

Taylor W. - Event Organizer
Taylor W.
Event Organizer

I originally hired Social.Digital.Me. to help with some behind-the-scenes work for an event I was setting up. With their help, we’ve been able to fund a few of these every year and build a brand around it!

Christian S. - Painter
Christian S.

The space between where I am now and where I was last year has shown me the difference between making commissions and having my own custom art business. Thanks for taking me to the next level!

Damien H. - Streetwear Designer
Damien H.
Streetwear Designer

I graduated with a degree in fashion design, but entering the fashion world on my own steam was a learning experience. SDM showed me how to handle it and helped me set up a good foundation for my brand.

Terrence B. - Philanthropist
Terrence B.

I didn’t realize there was such a competitive aspect to building a non-profit – there’s a lot there to compete with. They helped me stand out and throw my first successful fundraising events.

LaQuinta W. - Real Estate Broker
LaQuinta W.
Real Estate Broker

I originally operated as an independent real estate broker, but SDM helped me connect with like-minded people. Together, we’ve built our own firm and it has been a joy establishing trust with our new clients.

Cheryl B. - Personal Finance Specialist
Cheryl B.
Personal Finance Specialist

Thanks for helping me get my tax preparation business off the ground! I could not appreciate Social.Digital.Me. enough for enabling me to turn a side-hustle into a reliable source of income.

Alexandria H. - Lifestyle Coach
Alexandria H.
Lifestyle Coach

My health concierge business had a very specific client base, but they helped me expand it and develop the company into a lifestyle brand of its own. I’ve been able to gain a lot more collaboration and exposure!