Bringing Your Project to Life

Our Process

Phase 1

Opening the Dialogue

The opening phase of every project starts with a conversation. We take this time to learn about your business, your mission, your goals, and the statement you want to make to the world.

Phase 2

Learning Your Identity

We study your brand closely and carefully to better understand how we can tailor our services to meet your needs, as well as identify ways to scale and expand for the future.

Phase 3

Guidelines & Constraints

Identifying contraints is all about your wants and needs. In order to maintain or create proper representation of your brand, we'll make a solid list of non-negotiable requirements.

Phase 4

Developing Your Project

Before we begin development, you'll be provided with a list of deliverables and completion time estimates. We also stay in communication to answer questions and make adjustments.

Phase 5

Establishing A Strategy

Once we approach the completion of your assets, we help you develop a strategy for your project's release including security, marketing, and integration with your brand and services.

Phase 6

Releasing Brand Assets

When you're ready to get on the stage, we'll be right there with you. Once the initial project agreement is satisfied, we'll provide you with more options to help you build and grow..


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