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By making nature the centerpiece of their business, Dr. Squatch has promoted a message of environmental responsibility and natural wellness. Their DIY style has come to stand for assurance in the dependability and safety of their products, from the packaging to the final product.


By extending their commitment beyond the effectiveness of their projects, Dr. Squatch has incorporated their message into the identity of their business. Among the activities the brand has spearheaded to inspire faith in their goal are educational projects, mental health outreach, and partnerships with groups that support their message.


Promotional material early in their popularity was fueled by comedy and a candid spirit that inspired confidence in their approach. Audiences identify with Dr. Squatch's content outside of the product, which has opened the door for the company to develop a community and reach audiences with different sponsorships.


Dr Squatch's products are highly demanded and have become more diversified over the past few years, even making their way to store shelves and opening numerous opportunities for their market to expand.

A Brands - Dr Squatch
A Brands - Dr Squatch
A Brands - Dr Squatch
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