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Nike has come to embody several important human values including diversity, support, efficiency, and motivation by integrating their brand into a variety of causes. In spite of that, the design of their material has kept them on the cutting edge of style inside and outside the scope of athletic wear.


Nike has funded numerous community projects, ranging from economic disparity, to education, to diversity and inclusion. The company is a constant benefactor of charitable organizations around the globe, and they have leveraged their position as a global presence to serve countries around the globe.


Though their visual brand is enough to carry any advertisement, Nike consistently invests time into creative, impactful material that promotes communities first and products second. The brand has taken an extra step to source content from their community, providing exposure through their brand identity.


The Nike logo is a symbol of the future - it communicates a support for communities around the world, trendy fashion sense, and a mindset that is always moving forward.

A Brands - Nike
A Brands - Nike
A Brands - Nike
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