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Through distinctive products and brands, t FabFitFun encourages people to live happier, healthier lives. They specialize in guiding people in pursuing their passions while discovering new ones. In contrast to their competitors, they curate meaningful content with rich backstories.


FabFitFun provided a service that picked up significantly during the pandemic, and persisted as their client base were exposed to the benefits of home-based, DIY fitness. Pursuing fitness goals at home was made easy because of their flagship subscription box service in addition to their focused brand message that created a positive culture. While the business has established relationships with customers and collaborated with retailers to increase the visibility of their products, it has also been a fantastic platform for customers to connect with one another, fostering goodwill and customer satisfaction that has resulted in a devoted customer base.


FabFitFun has connected its clients to their business and to each other through their online community, supported both through their official website and multi-platform app. They reach beyond the scope of traditional e-commerce to curate a lifestyle experience that encompasses fitness, beauty and health. Having originated as a fitness-focused brand, they have since created several avenues of expansion into a variety of related markets.


Subscribers of the FabFitFun service have described their quarterly subscription products as highly anticipated events throughout the year, with the platform's reliability surpassing traditional product subscriptions that predate it.

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