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Kaspien collaborates with popular eCommerce businesses across numerous channels to provide real-time data, a comprehensive supply chain, brand protection and optimization, algorithmic advertising, multi-marketplace solutions, and more. They offer the unique experience and technology stack to help merchants grow and expand across marketplaces successfully and financially.


Kaspien has worked with over 4,000 companies, generated over $1 billion in retail sales, and produced a 30% increase in sales for their clients through strategic marketing. They also create technologies in response to industry needs, such as an ad management system. They just introduced seller reimbursement software, which swiftly finds cases in Amazon accounts that are qualified for reimbursement.


Kaspien has maintained growth, primarily through the long-term use and resulting growth of their business clients. By collaborating with other businesses in the e-commerce sector, Kaspien has balanced an extensive logistics network, giving their clients and partners access to important resources regardless of scale.


In addition to their main services, Kaspien provides clients with detailed analytics and statistics to make informed decisions about scheduling and supplies, managed through their software.

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