Be W.E.L.L. - Mejuri





Fine jewelry has historically been expensive, environmentally hazardous, and saved for special occasions. Mejuri offers more inexpensive and ecological jewelry that is designed to be worn every day and purchased by the wearer. Noura Sakkijha launched the brand in 2013 to rethink accessibility in the fine jewelry sector.


Jewelry has not always had a high rate of client retention. The traditional target market for retailers has been men trying to buy gifts for their wives. Most often, these were expensive purchases that were unlikely to be followed up anytime soon. Mejuri engaged the market by specializing in jewelry meant for every day wear, specifically targeting collectors.


During the early stages of the business, Mejuri adopted a very unconventional stance and avoided paid marketing for months. To develop the brand's community through smaller, more tightly-knit groups, the company created partnerships with online micro-influencers and like-minded brands with audiences of a similar size.


Staying fluid and flexible with changes in their market has been essential to Mejuri's success. Each Monday, the company launches a few new products, committing to them for at least four to six weeks. The company can determine what is selling and what isn't in that amount of time. Additionally, this helps Mejuri to stay on trend and adapt to changing styles in the fashion industry.

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