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Shelly Bell is a public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and ecosystem builder who has devoted her career to empowering people, disrupting systems, and creating diverse, inclusive communities. She built a career path from K–12 teacher to founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, a social company that provides access to social capital and financial capital for founders who identify as black and brown women.


She is a single mother of three who has experienced oppression, and she has demonstrated her innovative abilities in numerous ways. She has experience working as a computer scientist, spoken word performer, and educator. She wants motivated women to be able to overcome any challenge with the same tenacity that she does today. In a system where forward-thinking women are marginalized, she fights to create a better, more equal, and just way.


Shelly Bell's flagship project is Black Girl Ventures. In addition to her partnerships through Black Girl Ventures, she is an active public speaker and published author.

Social Influencers - Shelly Bell
Social Influencers - Shelly Bell
Social Influencers - Shelly Bell
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